Bog Fishin' Mission Guide for ARK: Genesis

This is my first of hopefully many mission guides for ARK: Genesis. This will hopefully be my first of many mision guides for ARK Genesis. In this guide I will show you how I finished the quests and give the best advice I can to make this quest as easy as possible to complete on gamma, beta and alpha difficulties. Fishing with a net is pretty fun!

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“Surf Shimmy”
Kevin MacLeod (
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29 thoughts on “Bog Fishin' Mission Guide for ARK: Genesis

  1. I tried the Gamma difficulty and I can't even complete that one. I catch 2 Sabertooth and they just swim away so fast, I can't ever reel the net in. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Use bug spray 4 insects and better a buddy with some big dino to fend off unwanted animals I've used angry flower to maximize fish near me

  3. Please keep up missions guides! They are no where to be found!~ Side Note** I am playing Genesis with my 6yr old. We've been playing Ark since she was 3-4 lol! Dino and Dragon Birthdays FTW!!

  4. Just had a tribe mate pull the piranhas while another punched a salmon and they swarmed to him. 3 throws and the mission is done

  5. Alpha took me a LOT of tries, mainly because i play ark on 0-15fps (mostly hard lag spikes of 2 fps and sometimes 30fps when standing still and looking up) so trying to aim was really hard, and i kept hitting the MegaPiranah. i got to 270-280 almost every run but the one i reached 300, i had 1:15 left over, idk how i did that.
    edit: ok now you say you took 6 attemps, i feel a little less bad for taking like 7

  6. can you do a video on the bog rally, I've done gamma and beta but have tried alpha at least 15 times and can never get it.

    Also love your videos you are by far the first place i check if i have a question on how to do something since your videos aren't 20minutes of slow pace information on how wing suits work

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