Boeing 737 made UNBELIEVABLE Landing on HIGHWAY in Portland | X-Plane 11

Southwest flight 1279 was approaching Portland airport and suddenly collided with flock of birds. The aircraft lost thrust in both engines over densely populated area. The river was too far away for emergency landing and pilots had to make a tough decision – land the aircraft on a busy highway. Was that even possible ? Find out in the video.

NOTE: this video was made for entertainment purposes only! This accident has never happened in real life! The video was filmed in X-Plane 11 FLIGHT SIMULATOR and editing techniques were used to make it look more real.
This video includes real airplane sounds which I do not own. The sounds have been taken from these videos:

Music and some sound effects were provided by EpidemicSound.
ORBX TrueEarth Oregon
Zibo 737
//Camera movement:
X-Camera + TrackIR 5
//Color correction:
NOTE: I have added color correction filters for more realistic effect!
X-Enviro 1.11
Recording software:
Nvidia ShadowPlay

Editing sofware:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
My PC specs:
-CPU: Intel Core i7-7700k @ 4.9 GHz
-CPU cooler: Deepcool Maelstrom 240
-Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger
-GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080
-Storage: 1TB SSD (Samsung 850 Evo) + 2TB HDD
-RAM: 16GB (Corsair Vengeance LED 3200 MHz)
-PSU: Thermaltake ToughPower Grand RGB 1050W
-OS: Windows 10 Pro
-Monitor: 43inch 4K monitor + 23inch 1080p monitor


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22 thoughts on “Boeing 737 made UNBELIEVABLE Landing on HIGHWAY in Portland | X-Plane 11

  1. The above action is an INSANELY bad idea ! The plane hits a ton of obstacles and then kills everyone in sight !
    The SMART course of action is to land on river/field/low-forest , with wheels retracted to avoid them sinking the dirt , and tearing out the plane's under- side .
    *.Research the A-320 crash at the 1988 Habsheim Airshow .
    D. .😎

  2. A man has fallen in the highway HEY!!!!! Quick build a heli makes it into a passenger plane

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