Bliss-box 4 Play Review – Universal USB Retro game controller adapter for classic controllers

Find the Kickstarter at

This is an awesome Kickstarter that is worthy of your support! A fan of the show, Sean Green, is hoping to put together enough funds to manufacture a run of these innovative retro game controller adapters for computers, tablets, and any other device that accepts USB game controllers. No drivers are necessary.

The Blissbox supports up to four retro controllers and has an extensive compatibility list at It works with just about everything from Nintendo, Sony, and Sega as well as older consoles from Atari, Coleco, and others. It even supports more obscure controllers like the 3DO!

The Blissbox has some intelligence, so it’s aware of what retro controller is being plugged in and attempts to map buttons consistently across different devices.

Controllers connect via special cables that adapt each system’s unique plug to the Blissbox.

There are only a few days left for this Kickstarter so please help Sean out! I want to own one of these and already put in my pledge !

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35 thoughts on “Bliss-box 4 Play Review – Universal USB Retro game controller adapter for classic controllers

  1. Unfortunately this wasn't successful I can't understand why. But I have talked to the developer and hopefully another founding will happen.

  2. The second KS is live

  3. Needed something to play PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, and other Games on an Emulator just using the right controllers.

  4. Ohhh… It's a prototype. So the end product might not have HDMI then. That could become a problem as people attempt to attach video sources to it (possibly blowing out some circuits). But then again, Apple used the normal everyday S-Video standard as a peripheral connector (keyboards, mice, etc) once upon a time.

    Right now I have several adapters from various companies, some that no longer exist, and not all of them work 100%, meaning that some of the native features on the controllers don't work. I'd like to have this instead of the ones I have. But I'm also worried about the long term viability of the company. My fear is that they might sell to some company like Hyperkin who will then discontinue it or something. I'm hoping they don't and stay independent, but all that R&D is a lot of money to spend and to sell to a bigger company might be tempting (regardless of the risk to the product or customers).

    I wonder where he sources parts for the adapter cables. I sure hope he doesn't destroy working consoles to make them… Extension cables I'm ok with. Those were made in the millions. But original consoles being scavenged when they still work kind of irks me.

  5. why hasn't this come out yet?  I know emulators are a a hush hush topic for most but this is a dream come true. The only reason I have with the Ouya is the controller and this would fix that. Btw it might get harder to find retro controllers cause Gamestop is opening up a retro console turn in thing now in select cities. This is going to raise the price of retro parts. I really hope gamestop just fails with this program

  6. Just a heads-up, because there seems to be a lot of confusion as to how Kickstarter works. If you back this, all you are doing is providing your payment info and selecting which package you want. No money is needed now. There will be a total for the package, plus the shipping cost from China, based on which package you chose. The goal must be met by 05/04/2015, which is when you will be charged your pledge amount. Estimated delivery is November 2015. If the goal is not met, you are not charged, and nobody gets one. You can change your package / pledge amount at any time, and back out any time, before 05/04/15, though nobody will get one if you back out, or don't pledge. Let's get this goal met!

  7. Please help this project on Kickstarter.

  8. I backed this after seeing your video, but I'm not sure it will be funded. I have no idea how to get in touch with the creator of this project, but you may be able to offer them some feedback as far as constructive criticism of their actual project listing on Kickstarter (rather than the project and related product itself).

    First, the product name on Kickstarter is actually "Bliss-box" and if you search for it without the hyphen, you can't find it. That's a bad idea. I would expect it to be "Bliss Box" or "Blissbox" but the hyphen is not helpful when searching for the project.

    Second, there are WAAAAAAAY too many backing tiers. I understand wanting to offer just the cables and some of the other cool DIY items, but for a Kickstarter, those really should be removed. Cut down the number of tiers to a much more manageable number, those that make sense – like the Nintendo bundle.

    Third, the verbiage of those tiers needs a lot of editorial assistance. There are typos and grammatical errors and frankly some of them just don't make sense at all – the meaning of what you're getting in return for the tier contribution is often not clear enough. 

    Add those three things together – hard project to find, way too many tiers to look at, and unclear what you get in exchange for backing – and you can see why this project might not be funded despite being an awesome project that seems like something a lot of folks would be interested in.

    I hope I'm wrong and the project funds this time, but if it doesn't and they go for lucky try #3, some of these tweaks would really help, in my opinion.

  9. Hey Lon! How does this compare to the magic box I asked you to review a while back? (Which I did buy after your review 🙂 )

  10. This is awesome to see on here. I worked with the creator on QuickPlay emulation frontend for a while in the past, he's been working on BlissBox iterations for so long, he is definitely a dedicated creator that wont drop the project! Going to back him now! 🙂

  11. That's awsome for people that love emulators on pc and who only have a few controllers for there systems. Good stuff.

  12. Don't see the point, if you have to use the weird dongle for each controller, it's no tidier than having individual USB converters.

    Also, all those cables going off in different random directions? That is terrible.

  13. I have so many adapters for different controllers on my PC, half of them don't even work, so I am indeed highly interested in this.

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