Big Bang – Day By Day | Areia Remix #90

Portfolio Remix by Areia Creations Production Team

Original Copyright©2008 YG Entertainment Korea
Remix by Vodge Diper

Release Date: 2012.6.15
Genre: House (Progressive/Swedish/Bigroom)
Tempo: 128bpm
Key: F#m (11A)

Jun got busy with life so Vodge Diper will take over a great part of the releases. Enjoy the sweet progressive sounds of VD over this classic kpop hit that is regarded by many the best Big Bang’s song ever. Vodge Diper is a British producer that leaves in Korea and has been in our team since the Big Bang’s Tonight remix. He will be releasing several remixes during the coming months. He has several hit commercial tracks in Electro House so check his beatport for some great sounds (link at the bottom).

Also from this release and on the subtitles will be soft and new languages will gradually be uploaded. You will have to click the CC button on Youtube in order to enable them. Mind that many mobile devices don’t support subtiels; sorry about that but it was really important to make this step in order to save time and make things more flexible.

Thank you for watching and please help us spread our sounds by thumbing up this video and sharing it! Also by this time I’m pretty sure you are familiar with our “vote via your donations” scheme on our website and how we choose which songs to remix next so we removed all the long texts from the video in order for you to enjoy it better. We hope your funding will be as hot as ever 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Big Bang – Day By Day | Areia Remix #90

  1. 15/10/2018 ยังฟังเพลงนี้อยู่ชอบมาก…เศร้าด้วย..😘😘

  2. You somehow made it sound even more emotional than it already was. You sir really do deserve an award. Thank you for the hard work you put into it. (:

  3. Everytime I hear Haru Haru I can't belive that the song is about a girl who is ill and dies of this… some people who see this are first only "Uh they fighting for a girl and than all are sad uh haha" but they never will know the real meaning of this video, they only will say "uh why is that girl in hospital?" 

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