Badboy about Natural & Direct Game

Want To Know How To Meet Beautiful Women?
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Badboy is revealing biggest secret in PUA community.

The essence of natural game is being able to flow without using routines, yet still get you success with women you’re looking for.

Isn’t it annoying when you see a naturally charismatic, funny and confident guy who seems to just effortlessly attract women?
He’s always with hot women and is seemingly living the life that you would love to live.
What is it that this type of guy has that you don’t?
How can you get good with girls naturally?

Badboy will explain to you in a 24 min video difference between natural (a guy who was born with good skills) and a PUA (a guy who learns the art of seduction through hours and hours of practice).


Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Girls:


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16 thoughts on “Badboy about Natural & Direct Game

  1. This is one of the best videos on attraction and sexual escalation, I love this kind of knowledge from BadBoy, he is the only one and the best in teaching and explaining using a whiteboard how the core sexual attractionescalation happens, I learned a lot from this video and few other from BadBoy, he is a Direct natural honest guy when he teaches this type of material; there are few other Direct Honest sexual escalation guys in the world of attraction community, such as Liam McRaem, David X and Alan Roger Curry, I combine these 4 together and I am now a Direct honest Sexual real man as much as I can.

  2. Querem conquistar uma mulher deixe deus tocar coraçoes vcs ouçam aquele que mais entende mulheres deus!!!

  3. Acabei ver outro video deste cara ensina aos babacas de plantao se vc diz uma mulher que você pensa sobre sexo e que vc curte aventuras ela praticamente se joga no colo do homem. CARA BABACA!!!ENTAO POR SUA TEORIA DE VAGABAS VC PEGA SO PODE SER LIXO ENTAO ACREDITA TODAS MULHERES TEM ESTA ATITUDE!!!! INCLUSIVE TUA MAE VÒ E IRMA NE!!! FALA SERIO ESTE PORRA SABE MERDA NENHUMA

  4. With being so direct, do you not think it becomes a numbers game, hoping to find a girl who is DTF and who thinks you are physically attractive? When I open direct and tell her she's cute, they often just eject themselves straight away ''thanks but no thanks' kind of thing. Do I have a move after that? Or do I just go on to the next girl?

  5. What you are doing, is great, Dan, your way of the DIRECT APPROACH, and with all the respect what you are doing for us man, but IT IS NOT TRUE that there are no seduction coaches who focus on the sexual energy (he even makes his students approach women with openers like "You are very sexy and attractive, I want to sleep with you…." to learn to accept your sexuality as a man on a deep level)… in Germany for instance there is MAXIMILIAN PÜTZ, who is also teaching that and says the same thing like you that you have to calibrate socially with the girl and her reaction, but also that you as a man LEAD…

  6. great tips and advice and i like the "get the pan-tee wet" 
    but question here, how do you express that sexual energy to the girl? Like any sort of tips onto how show and bring out that sexual onto her

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