Auburn vs North Carolina – 2020 Week 2 Simulation (NCAA Football 21)

Auburn takes on North Carolina in week two of the 2020 college football season. See who wins our simulation on NCAA Football 21. (NCAA Football 14 with updated rosters for the 2020 college football season)



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26 thoughts on “Auburn vs North Carolina – 2020 Week 2 Simulation (NCAA Football 21)

  1. LSU's win in this game in 2020 everybody saying text is back Texas isn't back they lost some paint winning this game in 2020 LSU when's 556

  2. Man I wish that who ever is responsible for making of this game would reconsider doing so again because I really enjoyed playing it

  3. Absolutely no fan or expert knows what Auburn’s offense will look like this season under new offensive coordinator Chad Morris.. You can guess but you can’t predict it Accurately

  4. I could see this outcome or AU winning 42-10. Which Gus shows up makes the difference. Wide open O or just trying not to lose.

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