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Bonjour tout le monde~
Aujourd’hui, je joue le rôle d’une employée qui est “très enthousiaste” qui travaille a H .0.t. T.0.p.i.c., un magasin de vêtements qui vend des vêtements alternatifs . Je te transforme avec un selection de vêtements alternatifs et je te maquille avec le maquillage alternatif~ jusqu’à la fin de cette vidéo, tu divendrias mon ami et on est hereux ensembles 🙂 J’aime mes amis et j’aime être hereuse
Merci d’avoir regardé et lu ma description~~

Hello, you lovely people, and welcome to my ASMR channel.
Today, I role-play as a very friendly, super happy, haha, h.0.t. t.0.p.i.c. employee who is friendly and gives you a hot topic makeover ! You come in asking for some change in your life so I do ! I transform you into new alternative clothing and you become my friend along the process 🙂 I love my friends and I love how friendly and kind I acted towards you ! This is a super fun and hilarious role-play video and I made it for the purposes of humor, fun, relaxation and ASMR. I hope you enjoy 🙂 I have to write this so ignore me –
I really love all of you so much and you have made my community online so wonderful and brilliant. I cannot express how much I adore and appreciate all of you who are relaxing and enjoying my content. Truly, I do these videos for my own artistic enjoyment, and for those of you out there who enjoy mine. You are all amazing. I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. You are all fantastic
Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and read the description !
For professional business inquiries ONLY, contact me at my email listed on my channel page. For paid video requests; once the idea is accepted, your video will be made right away and posted the next business day. I do not do personal videos, but I can personalize a video with chosen triggers and/or roleplay for YOU! All videos I make will be posted publically. Thank you! 🙂
With that being said, I would like to make this a regimented event in my life because I watch ASMR so much I would like to make others feel relaxed, too. I will be trying out different versions of ASMR tingles and triggers, and I need your help within the comments for how to make the video better, ideas on what to do, and what you liked and disliked. Your voices can make my content better, and you lovely watchers are now apart of my family. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope you have a more relaxed and wondrous day!
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27 thoughts on “ASMR ~FUN PUNK MAKEOVER~ Friendly Role-Play

  1. “do you have an account”
    “yeah i do i’m a vip”
    “you don’t?”

  2. Hello Calaine, I wanted to say I really like all your videos. What is surprisingly comforting is your facial expressions. I have to add that purple eye shadow with brown eyes is amazing!

  3. Eu adoro quando vc fala francês, talvez algum dia poderia fazer um vídeo somente em francês?

    Love you, and thank you for the makeover. 😛 💚💛💙

  4. Celaine my dear friend I think you should be the one who might need rest and relaxation after all of these consistent uploads! Thank you, I look forward to this one and your maid roleplay!

  5. The way this starts is incredible, in her own world totally phased out, last thing on her mind is being at work. Fakes a smile, greets the customer. Astounding acting and attention to detail. 99% accurate.

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