2gether The Series Episode 11 FULL SPOILER! | Gerald Geronimo

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19 thoughts on “2gether The Series Episode 11 FULL SPOILER! | Gerald Geronimo

  1. It broke my heart only by reading your translation… wow I never thought it could make me feel tine’s emotion like so real that I couldn’t breath with tears😭

  2. My heart is really hurt. If the series was really according to the novel, my baby Tine will cry again. Oh, my heart!

  3. When I read this chapter, tine got jelous pam with sarawat and i think i am with tine situation and that's make me really got jelous when tine are ready to let sarawat leave free and just let him go😭😭

  4. please do a sarawat jealous with pear and also tine jealous with earn HAHAHAH im crying while I'm reading it hurts me a lot in the first but in the end it made me blushhh 😍😍😭

  5. Omg, I thought this was the break up but that Sarawat knows how to keep the person he love(Tine). Damn good job dealing with a sick emotional wrecked Tine. This series has been great. What shall I do with myself when it ends. well one thing with all this time. I will watch from the beginning to the end again.

  6. Next chapter pleaseee sarawat jealous of pear with tine😍btw thankyou for the video God bless keep safe💕

  7. Reading this make me want to scream😭
    I cant wait for next Friday..😭
    Sarawattttt!!!!omg! He is so romantic😊

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