Mike, my sweet nephew and I had fun building this LEGO desk organizer. The drawers really open and close, and we included a charging station for his iPod.

The basic concept of this design is so simple, and you could make all kinds of variations to organize different things – coins, marble collections, minifigure parts, school supplies, rubber bands, paper clips, magnets. Possibilities are endless!

The sizes of the drawers will be limited by what flat pieces you have on hand.
Each drawer is one single flat brick. We used smooth flat bricks along the bottom of the drawer opening to make the drawers slide in and out. The drawer handles are attached to bricks that have studs on the front.

Each drawer opening also needs bricks for the drawer to rest on.
We also used smooth flat bricks on the top of each drawer. It’s not necessary to go around the entire drawer with smooth pieces – we just used what we had.

Mike has this on his desk now, but unfortunately it will be a temporary build as it used SO many of our basic bricks! We’ll have to take it down and free up the pieces eventually. But it was enjoyable to build, and the fun of LEGO is building something different every time, anyway!

It is awesome to take some recycled milk cartons and make a nice desk organizer. This desk organizer is a great space saver to put away kids’ stuff such as pencils, crayons, scissors, and small accessories. It is super easy to make and you can be sure that everything will be organized and looking nice on the desk. You can use your favorite wrapping paper or fabric to create your own style. Happy crafting!

Here are the supplies you may need:

Empty milk cartons;
Craft knife and scissors;
Wrapping fabric or paper with colors and patterns of your choice;
Ornaments (optional).

Thoroughly wash and dry the inside and outside of the milk cartons.
Cut the milk cartons in half in a tilted way as shown in the video. Now you’ll have two identical storage boxes from the cut out milk cartons.
Connect the higher sides of the two boxes and secure with glue.
Measure the sizes of the boxes’ sides and cut out some milk carton pieces with the same sizes.
Create some fabric pieces to wrap the milk carton pieces and secure with glue. Please note that the fabric pieces should be slightly larger than the milk carton pieces in order to wrap them.
Glue the wrapped pieces to the outside sides of the boxes. This will help to reinforce the desk organizer.
Create some fabric pieces to cover the inside sides of the boxes.
Use ornaments to decorate the desk organizer.
Place pens, crayons etc. inside the desk organizer. Here you go! Enjoy! ; )


1:01 Big cardboard organizer
2:48 Jewelry box
3:20 Juice/Milk carton organizer
4:25 Denim photo frame


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  3. ok lets talk about the title. y’know diy stands for do it yourself and the title says: 15 cool orginizers to diy yourself. so its basically saying: 15 cool orginizers to do it yourself yourself 👁👄👁

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